SOUND & VIBRATION OF THE TWIN FLAMES MEETING with Alegra Jenkins & Shirley     Euro 265.00                                          

11-14th October 2019 (workshop begins 2pm 11th, depart 14th)


The October full Moon is called the Hunter’s Moon and sometimes the Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon. Working together as a group we will go hunting, searching for our own individual completeness.


The meeting of our twin flames is the ultimate healing experience, our relationship,

whole and complete.  Working with sound around the medicine wheel we begin to

heal and find our way towards internal balance and harmony givng clarity and purpose

to our existence. It also makes us much happier in all areas of our lives!


Extra B&B can be arranged before and after workshops

RETREAT WORKSHOPS for men and women

breathe and expand your awareness

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CREATIVE COACHING RETREAT with Rachael Perrin 10th-14th September 2019                         £350.00


Every one of us is juggling, everyday. Life can be beautiful and it can also be overwhelming. We are all able to

offer more when we nurture ourselves; more time to our family, more energy to our business, more joy to our

friends. It is so easy to find ourselves working ‘in' rather than ‘on' our business, then wondering why change is

slow to come.

We invite you to join us on a holistic retreat, offering space for you to reflect, journal and dream, alongside guided

activities, group sharing and one-to-one coaching with facilitator, coach and social entrepreneur, Rachael.

We will delve to the heart of your ‘why’ and explore your values and vision. You can choose your own path

through the coaching - you may seek support, challenge, celebrating or all three!


After three days, surrounded by other inspiring women, you will be renewed and ready to step back into your world,

bringing new energy, positivity and vision to your work and your life.  


Price includes arrival fromTuesday after lunch,departing Saturday14th after breakfast.

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