Our mind is patterned from a very young age, maybe even in the womb, accepting certain behaviours as 'the norm'.  Hypnotherapy helps that part of the mind that looks after us to adapt from what maybe an unhelpful way of being or habit, to something more helpful to you. You may not even be aware of something that is holding you back and it could be a trauma from long ago that created the need for protecting you, but no longer applies now you are an adult, sometimes sabbotaging all your conscious plans. The brain is wired for habit, it is automatic, it can take a long time to change that.

With hypnotherapy we often can, speed up change dramatically by:-


  • Relaxing the conscious mind allowing it to get out of our way, this is the mind chatter.

  • We can then suggest reframed beliefs which you have decided on.

  • The  subconscious mind as it is then able to hear these suggestions, loud and clear and will accept these new ideas straight away because they are your ideas as discussed beforehand.

  • Then letting go of the out dated limited beliefs because it now has your permission on this deep subconscious level .



Hypnotherapy is as natural as the REM state of sleep, we all go into waking states of hypnosis throughout our day when daydreaming.


Hypnotherapy helps with:-

  • Finding ways out of a rut

  • Relieving Anxiety and stress

  • Gaining more Confidence and self-esteem

  • Letting go of emotional eating/drinking or smoking.  

  • Healing and releasing pain.



I was only introduced to Shirley Heyward a few months ago, but in that time, she has made a big impact on my life. She is a kind, calm and intuitive professional who offers a dizzying range of therapies. I have so far received Reiki, aromatherapy and wonderful massage which have all worked wonders for me on many levels. Just talking to her is therapeutic!


I look forward to her meditation sessions which will be starting locally soon and whilst I have not - YET - had any hypnotherapy, a close friend has had a course with Shirley, which has been highly successful in resolving a range of issues. I cannot recommend this lovely lady highly enough. Sara of Cranbrook

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Reiki brings you emotional peace




Coaching takes many forms these days, my version is very intuitive (ie guided by the session as it occurrs). The sessions have a structure and a purpose, to achieve the best result for you at that time.  Each one of us is on a journey, some may call it destiny, we have an inkling of where we want to be and who we are, but sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees and we need someone to gently guide us to find those answers that are always within us.


Uncovering your best self in this moment, is ongoing, next year it will be something more.


  • You may have a good idea of where you are going, but don't yet know how to get there

  • Sometimes we will use Tarot as a guide, the choice is yours.

  • You will be guided by me every step of the way with channelled information received.

  • Allowing is the first step, you cannot fail.

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