Soul Doodle Art workshops

This workshop is about connecting with a part of you that you may not have realised was even there. Doodle Art is easy, you will make something unique to you, it is so easy to make it look good.

We will connect with a deeper part of ourselves through a lovely relaxing guided meditation, to find out what our Soul wants you to know at this present moment.

I will teach you the easy patterns step by step in a fun easygoing environment.  You do not need any experience or expertise in art or drawing, just allowing is enough.


After completely focusing on creating your doodle art, we colour it in to bring it to life, it is so rewarding and relaxing, using different mediums to colour and shade.  We will then look to see what immediately comes to mind and then work with a partner to get their message, it is better if you don't know each other for this part, you will be amazed what is revealed.  It will be your oracle card, a very personal message, which can open you up to all sorts of realisations that can improve your wellbeing.


On retreat in Croatia, we take this a step further to access what you are ready to explore on your journey.  Who are we really, how can we develop that in your life right now?  Empowerment is not an ego or showing off, it is about finding the you who has always been there, but over time became covered up by layers of conditioning from life.


You will take away new skills and fresh insights into whatever is right for you to know as you allow your soul this communication.....


  • Opening to new insights and inspiration.

  • a deeper spiritual connection.

  • new ways to unwind and relax.

  • feeling more empowered with your insights.

  • uncovering more of who you really are, by clearing the old layers.


Doodle Art is great for focussing the mind and helps with Self esteem, Confidence and lifts the mood.  We are guided by what unfolds for you, what you are ready to work with.

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