REIKI HEALING - using the drum and/or Sacred healing oils from Atlantis.


When we balance your Chakras, you create harmony in your life.  Healing allows you to let go and see life from a different perspective.  Reiki is a heart centred energy healing, bringing balance and emotional healing in areas you are ready to heal.

Helps especially with anxiety and emotional stress.  Bringing peace.


Shamanic Healing, opens us up to a deeper connection with our Angels, guides and Ancestors, allowing their protective healing, energy to enhance the healing benefits of Energy healing.  Emotions and stress keep us stuck sometimes, we are not sure which way to turn and how to change a situation and problems that may have repeated themselves in different ways.  Reiki can help us to see the bigger picture, let go and move forward.  Drumming connects us to the healing power of our Mother Earth, the Schumann Reasonance the earth's heartbeat.


Sacred healing oils from the time and knowledge of Atlantis, help rebalance energies and emotions eg Grief, Strength/courage, Love, Sensitivity, allowing free flow and balance of these emotions.


When we let go our bodies release the tension and let go of pain, allowing healing to begin.



I was only introduced to Shirley Heyward a few months ago, but in that time, she has made a big impact on my life. She is a kind, calm and intuitive professional who offers a dizzying range of therapies. I have so far received Reiki, aromatherapy and wonderful massage which have all worked wonders for me on many levels. Just talking to her is therapeutic!


I look forward to her meditation sessions which will be starting locally soon and whilst I have not - YET - had any hypnotherapy, a close friend has had a course with Shirley, which has been highly successful in resolving a range of issues. I cannot recommend this lovely lady highly enough. Sara of Cranbrook

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Reiki brings you emotional peace

Our bodies have the power to heal themselves with our intention and Reiki energy Healing

Sharon Done reviewed Transition Therapies & retreats and workshops –

5 star 14 February ·


Shirley is a lovely lady and immediately puts you at ease.

I have received Reiki and Reflexology treatments and enjoyed both immensely.

She welcomes you into her home which is a very calm environment and the treatments are carried out in a very caring and professional manner. She listens, gives excellent advice and you leave feeling the benefit of her healing.

I thoroughly recommend her services.

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