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Optional Retreat Activities

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CHAKRA DANCING - to balance your body and mind 150 kUNA


There are 7 main Chakras in the Aura and each one is linked to an Endocrine centre (hormonal centre).  

Balancing the Chakras this way is liberating.


Each Chakra has a colour that vibrates like the colours of the rainbow, (water droplets in the atmosphere vibrate as the Sun light catches them and they show colours), so do the Chakras, as your energy vibrates.


1.The first, the slowesr is located to Base of the spine, legs and feet and vibrates to the colour red.

2.Second is the Sacral chakra, in the abdomen and the is colour orange.

3.Third is the Solar Plexus chakra and the colour is yellow.

4.Fourth is the Heart chakra, in the centre and the colour is green.

5.Fifth is the Throat chakra, the colour is blue.

6.Sixth the Third Eye chakra, at the centre of the forehead, the colour is purple.

7.Crown Chakra is at the top of the head, the colour is white.


We begin with specific music chosen for its slow, deep vibration for the Base chakra, connecting us to the earth, moving slowly and purposefully as your body leads you, balancing your base energies of survival and connecting you with your body and Mother Earth (coming down to earth as they say), instead of trying to disappear into the clouds and fly away.  

Being grounded is so important to how you cope with everyday life.

By the time we get to the Crown, we are ready to meditate, it becomes so natural and we can go very deep into a meditative state.  

As you go through each Chakra Centre you will find yourself thinking different thoughts and have access to memories which may need to be released.  Your body takes over and moves naturally, wherever it needs to go, you need no dance experience as you become loose and free to allow movement.


You may feel euphoric afterwards or you may feel different emotions as they release.  It will open up insights and a feeling of knowing where you are now and sometimes wondering why it wasn’t so obvious before.


Chakra Dancing is a wonderful, healing movement to connect Mind, Body and Spirit, agreat release of tension, helping your internal organs to relax.

DOODLE ART  for more details see Soul Doodle Art  150 kuna, if not part of a workshop package

Patterns within patterns, you don't need to be able to draw, the patterns are learnt it is so easy, step by step to fill in a space and create something beautiful.  Then we begin to see meanings and ideas within the picture giving us a message of where we are and what we would like to be or do, then swop and allow another person who does not know you to read something about you within that picture.  What can you see in these?

WALKS THROUGH UNMADE ROADS AND VINEYARDS or Woodlands & Drumming Meditation   150 kuna


With beautiful views of mountains and the sea in the distance, on to the next small village with fields of rare old breeds of animals.  Or through woodlands.  Drumming meditations can take you deep into an insightful journey.