What is Reiki?


The Scientific world has known for many years what metaphysical and Spiritual teachers have known for centuries!  Our physical universe is composed of energy particals - life force energy.  As well as this, we have energy flowing through us.  Many forms of medicine that originated in the East such as acupuncture and reflexology, believes this flow of energy sustains life itself.

REIKI which means Universal Life force energy, is drawn through the practictioner and offered to the recipient who will choose subconsciously how much healing energy to draw to those parts of the body that require it and of course the practitioner is being treated at the same time.

As well as being a healing art, Reiki is also a path for personal developement.  Reiki often increases mental clarity, restores emotional balance and deepens our spiritual connection.  It is not unusual to find our intuition developes and we start to change our lives closer to our true life purpose.


REIKI 1 Attunements


Introduces the history of Reiki and the basic principals and techniques to those with no prior knowledge of Reiki.  Reiki is a safe natural therapy that promotes healing on all levels and is widely used throughout the world.

During the workshop you will learn the hand positions to give a full body treatment and you will receive 4 special attunements to enable you to channel the Reiki energy.  You will also be introduced to techniques for self-healing.

The class will be over 1 day and ongoing sharing will be included over 4 sessions to further enhance your skills.

My approach is very intuitive and once you know the basic hand positions, you can allow yourself more freedom to use your intuition.



REIKI 2 Attunements


2nd Degree Reiki enables you to become a channel for a far greater amount of 'Life force energy'. Because of this, when treating yourself or others, just 3 minutes instead of five will usually be enough on each position.  You will be intuitively guided. There is greater flexibility knowing that.

You will be attuned to three sacred symbols or keys, each having a specific function.  However, the real potential of these symbols is still to be realised as you continue to use them.  The four symbols were put into our aura during Reiki 1, in Reiki 2 attunements the symbols are brought into your conscious awareness enabling you to use them for the healing and transformation of yourself and others.

Possibilities of Reiki 2


  • higher capacity of Reiki energy

  • able to do distant healing

  • possibility of releasing unconscious blockages.

  • be prepared for changes on many levels ie. lifestyle, diet and self awareness.


2nd degree attunement frequently creates a quantum leap in awareness.  Many other possibilities become apparent when you explore the potential of the sacred symbols.  

You are now able to become a Reiki practitioner outside of your immediate family.

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REIKI Master


One of the purposes of the Reiki 3 (Master/teacher) Attunement is to enable you to perform Reiki initiations/attunements.  This is a great privilege and it must be done in a sacred way with utmost focus and dedication.

Reiki level 2 is required before this attunement.  


  • You will receive Master level attunements

  • Learn how to attune Reiki to others and how to run a class

  • Level 1 to Master level, Tibetan system and Usui

  • Advanced healing techniques

  • Use of Master symbols

  • Manifesting with certain symbols and crystals

REVIEW from Myra  ...


"I did my reiki 2nd degree with Shirley in 2005. It was a beautiful experience that actually went on to change the entire course of my life! Shirley is an extremely intuitive & healing individual full of love & wisdom & her encouragement was second to none. It’s where my personal journey into self healing shifted from pottering along on a push bike to flying on a jet plane!! I have worked full time as a healer myself now for many years & quite frankly I couldn’t imagine a more fulfilling ‘job’ that exists. To help others find their inner peace, happiness & strength. Meeting Shirley will always be a pivotal moment in my life & I will be forever grateful xxxx"

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If you are drawn to becoming a healer, Reiki one can be the start of a journey for you and your family and friends.

The teaching and attunement to Reiki one is done in my conservatory overlooking the garden in Cranbrook.

One day will teach you the history and you will be given 4 symbols for channeling the energy and taught the hand positions (groups will require 2 days). Ongoing Reiki sharing groups are offered for you to gain experience.




Is done over 2 days.  You will learn the deep meanings of the symbols, how to give a distant healing treatment and have access to channel a greater amount of life force energy, being more effective in a shorter space of time, giving you tools to direct energy to the root causes of pain and suffering. Your awareness increases with practice and dedication, it is liberating and increases clarity, restoring inner peace.  Reiki sharing groups are offered.




The 'Master Practitioner' level is about mastering the self.

Finding out who you are and intergrating the different aspects of the self, liberates us from self imposed barriers and limiting thought patterns in time.  Also receiving powerful new symbols of the Master Attunement to the USUI and TIBETAN REIKI system.

This takes 2 days with ongoing Reiki sharing groups offered.

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