Giving yourself time, space for reflexology has huge potential for your wellbeing, allowing your body to heal itself.



Relaxes mind and body through the feet to bring balance and energy healing.  Every part of your body stores tension in the feet in a reflex, with gentle massage on reflex points in the feet, this tension can be released, allowing energy to flow back, it is not ticklish. This relaxation helps the body to begin healing the corresponding areas in your body.  Regular treatments help to keep a balance mind, body and spirit.  


All healing begins in the energy body (aura) because that is where dis-ease begins, the physical body then begins a journey of recovery.  Your healing will be at your own pace because illness and stress teach us what we are not taking time to notice.  Taking time for relaxing healing gives us time to reflect and let go of what may be causing the distress, finding time for solutions and an easier way to be in this life.


You may find yourself drifting off into a relaxed trancelike state, sometimes you may notice an area in your feet that feels sensitive and you may also notice the corresponding body part feel a sensation, you may also notice a feeling of energy travel up your legs as the energy is released back to the body to do it's healing work.


At the same time you will received the subtle healing benefits of Reiki energy healing.





I was only introduced to Shirley Heyward a few months ago, but in that time, she has made a big impact on my life. She is a kind, calm and intuitive professional who offers a dizzying range of therapies. I have so far received Reiki, aromatherapy and wonderful massage which have all worked wonders for me on many levels. Just talking to her is therapeutic!


I look forward to her meditation sessions which will be starting locally soon and whilst I have not - YET - had any hypnotherapy, a close friend has had a course with Shirley, which has been highly successful in resolving a range of issues. I cannot recommend this lovely lady highly enough. Sara of Cranbrook

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Reiki brings you emotional peace

REVIEW by Deborah  ...


"Shirley is the most amazing therapist! The only time I ever truly relax and let go is when I have a reflexology session with her."

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