Rebirthing in the pool is a wonderful, gentle guided, gliding through our egg shaped, rebirthing pool walk (it is shoulder deep at the deep end and has two wide seat-steps at the shallow end).


In this workshop we work over 3 days using the medicine wheel, the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  We use various mediums ie Soul doodle art, meditation, soul coaching, Goddess work, Chakra balancing, Shamanism and Oracle cards...... to uncover and work with where you are now and where you would like to be by the end of the workshop.  You will arrive with a possible idea of what you think you are going to work on, in your life, but your soul will guide you to uncover what it is you are ready to shift at this time......


We will release into the fire, what you are ready to let go of and later move forward to the rebirthing in the pool on the final day.

You are guided by your midwife as she holds your hand in meditation through the water, as you walk you are gently guided with your previously set intention, to the steps, you climb 3 wide steps to another waiting midwife at the side of the pool, who wraps a towel around you and with a hug welcomes you to your new world.


  • You will uncover issues in your subconscious mind that may be interferring in your life and holding you back in many       areas, eg. work, relationships, fun.

  • You will understand why you may be living life from a disadvantaged perspective.

  • You will give yourself permission with your intention to find new ways to enjoy life.

  • You will feel as if you have turned over a new leaf and are ready to improve all aspects of your life and health.

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