Each of the six Goddesses is an archetype within you. When we connect with the goddess's energy we uncover what we need to learn about ourselves by hearing within, what the goddess has to teach us.  

We uncover aspects of what needs to be nurtured, do we know how to love ourselves, do we have sovereignty in our own lives, what shadow aspects need to be acknowledged so that they are more helpful in our relationships, how can we get a deeper connection to our Divine nature, compassion and fun?


At the end of this workshop you will be:-


  • More in touch with who you really are.

  • Uncover hidden talents.

  • Know that you now have permission to be truly authentic.

  • Feel more whole and confident.

  • Take home new inspiration for a happier life in all areas, including work and relationships.


The Goddesses we will be working with are:-  


  • ISIS







We will be using Sacred oils used in temples in ancient times by the Myrrhophore tradition.  Connect with meditation and movement to music.  Each goddess connects us to the medicine wheel with Ether/spirit, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and deep within the crystaline core - Ghia.

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