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We are Rebirthing

By womensretreat, Feb 26 2019 11:02AM

With the Wolf moon on 21st January we moved into a new awareness of who we are, we are now able to access new truths and healing. In that healing we a began to realise everything has a purpose, nothing is hopeless or outside of our power, we have the power to manifest a life that is authentic, we can begin to demand authentic responses and integrity from everyone we come in contact with.

We begin to notice that others are a mirror of the things we are changing in ourselves and that the mirror is not a judgement, but a teaching of what we need to work on in ourselves to bring about better relationships with others and help us to appreciate ourselves.

We notice when we are not caring for ourselves as we should or have weak expectations of how others respond to us and we are then able to create a loving boundary for ourselves, so that others know what we expect from them, letting go of the guessing games which sometimes result in resentment and withdrawal.

We begin to rebirth and know who we really are. We are empowered spiritual beings, living a human life.

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