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Our plan manifests

By womensretreat, Oct 10 2018 02:44PM

When we first set up our Retreat in Croatia, I had a vision of a place where people could come to find themselves and go away inspired to manifest/create the life they wanted and dreamed of. It started out that way and we inspired and helped many of our guests to find a new way forward.

But, I was the driving force and I drove myself to do most of the running of the retreat because it was my vision, my husband's interest had been the renovation project. I became burnt out, we returned to the UK worn out and feeling defeated in 2011 and tried in vain to sell our beautiful dream. It would not sell.

I began to see a new way forward with the retreat in 2017, my manifesting was not yet complete. The dream has now awoken in reality to become much more than it was before. A wonderful Shamanic healing retreat. Shamanism has been calling me for some years now, it is an amazing authentic way of living and healing ourselves and our planet and appreciating and healing the ancestral line. It has been around as long as human life and the wisdom is profound. I believe it is our way of healing everything.

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