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By womensretreat, Mar 24 2019 03:14PM

When it comes down to it everthing we desire is about finding freedom, freedom to be happy, travel, spend money, have good relationships, whatever it is for you. We often think, 'when I have done this or achieved that or bought that item, have that car or partner or job, I will find freedom!'

It just does not work that way, it might bring more of what you wanted for a while, but ultimately freedom is a state of mind, your perception of life.

If you find you are disgruntled and looking for freedom, stuck or generally finding life a struggle, step back, ask yourself - 'am I looking after me, by honouring who I am, appreciating who I am, every minute of every day?' If you are feeling this way, you probably are not.

Take time and sit with the question on your own for a while and really be honest with yourself, that is the beginning, find those areas of your life where it feels off and make changes that allow you more of a feeling of freedom. Meditate to release the mind chatter and find inspiration.

Ask yourself, 'what do I need to feel better in this area of my life?'

You will begin to like yourself more and as you work through your list and begin to allow yourself to put yourself first, and let go of telling yourself off, you will discover a lot of those difficult areas are easier than they were before. Keep looking at where you can bring about changes and your perception of life will gradually change - FREEDOM

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