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Empowerment through love

By womensretreat, May 12 2019 01:21PM

Empowerment of the self is not about having power over anyone else, but you. We find our own power, by coming out of our heads, letting go of what we should or should not be doing and focussing on what we really, really want to do with our lives, finding your I AM presence by connecting with your heart. It is not about giving up anything, but the struggle. Struggle with relationship, yourself and life in general. The unknown can be scary, so we live with what happened in the past or what may happen in the future. The past will only be the same as the future if you keep doing the same thing (by living in your head with all the negative mind chatter). So how do we change that, we begin to let go with meditation which brings the awareness and insights into what needs to change. When we have awareness we can use it to our benefit, stop reacting in the moment, stop, listen, what is your heart saying, how can you get a different result? Respond with love and kindness to yourself, by allowing a different way of responding to others/life, letting og of the pain.

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