Deeply relaxing massage using aromatheapy oils chosen to help relax or energise you,  and release emotional stress.  Aromatherapy releases toxic build up in the muscles, leaving you with a feeling of complete wellbeing.  Nature has a way of finding what you need in the moment when you hold a deep intention for your healing.  Healing Mind Body and Spirit.



When we balance your energy system with massage and the wonderful essential oils which are chosen for your wellbeing, we create harmony in your life.  Healing massage has the benefits of Reiki energy healing allowing you to go into a deeply relaxed state which enhances the benefits of the oils, relaxing touch with healing energies.    Reiki is a heart centred energy healing, bringing balance and emotional healing in all areas.

Helps especially with anxiety and emotional stress.  Bringing peace.



I was only introduced to Shirley Heyward a few months ago, but in that time, she has made a big impact on my life. She is a kind, calm and intuitive professional who offers a dizzying range of therapies. I have so far received Reiki, aromatherapy and wonderful massage which have all worked wonders for me on many levels. Just talking to her is therapeutic!


I look forward to her meditation sessions which will be starting locally soon and whilst I have not - YET - had any hypnotherapy, a close friend has had a course with Shirley, which has been highly successful in resolving a range of issues. I cannot recommend this lovely lady highly enough. Sara of Cranbrook

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Reiki brings you emotional peace

Roël McMahon reviewed Transition Therapies & retreats and workshops – 5 star 6 April ·


Shirley's aromatherapy massage was very relaxing and she intuitively chose the perfect essential oils to use. She has extensive knowledge of aromatherapy, which is important as essential oils can be very potent. She is also a lovely person and I felt very much at ease with her. Highly recommended :)

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