Retreats can bring about the most amazing change to your life and wellbeing.

'My aim as a lightworker is to assist in the collective 'Transition' of all beings on the plantet into a New Earth'  Which includes:-


A rest and fun.


Spiritual movement/dance Workshops

Shamanic healing or sound healing

Soul Doodle art

Inspiration for change.

Raising your vibration to the next level of consciousness.

Enjoying the company and/or insights of others.

Reflexology, healing, meditation and One to One therapy

Opening up to who you really are.

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Welcome to

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A wonderful traditional, renovated stone house, in the heart of the Istrian penisular in Croatia.  

Our aim here, is to help others to connect with the deeper parts of themselves, while finding a place of rest, recuperation and most of all fun.  We hope our guests will return home with new insights and healing through creativity such as, meditative art, hand crafts, sound healing workshops, dance and music, meditation, nature walks, Shamanic practices and Soul Connection.

We bought the house as a ruin in 2005 and began our retreat as a B&B in 2007.  In 2018 we changed the retreat as a venue for group retreats, focussing on the healing with Bed and Breakfast in-between, offering you a longer stay if you wish.  The house and quiet gardens are a sanctuary and feel like paradise, full of birds and butterflies, we hope you will join us on your journey.  We are offering workshops to all nationalities, run by leaders deeply connected to the land and nature and authenticity.  Food, sometimes grown in the village is vegetarian, tasty and nourishing.  We try to use as many natural soaps and cleaning products as we can, offering these to our guests.

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